Our Mission 

Be a Part of Bigss

Being a part of a community is important for our youth.

It provides us with a sense of stability, purpose, and understanding.

We invite your business to partner with us in helping build a stronger community and brighter future.

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Upcoming Events

Hosting events is the way we bring each other together.

BIGSS is often planning new events so stay updated!

Anyone is welcome to join us.

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BIGSS seeks to provide greater opportunities for teens to connect and become more active within in their communities. We host small engaging events that listen to each and every voice and make an impact on our local communities, one step at a time. Our events promote respect for diverse opinions and backgrounds, and encourage healthy living beyond our screens. We are excited for you to join us!

*In light of COVID-19, BIGSS has been hosting special virtual events, connecting teenagers from all over the world! Check them out in our calendar!*