With a desire to make an impact and a difference in my community, I formed Big Sisters Society in the summer of 2017 after participating in an incredibly inspiring volunteer leadership oppportunity at my local church. Amidst this leadership, I was able to connect and reconnect with teens from various backgrounds and walks of life, while also teaching younger kids about the Christian values I was brought up with.

I realized that most teens, including myself, spend way an unhealthy amount of time on their screens, "connecting" with their friends through social media, when they could instead be "connecting" on a deeper level. Why not create an organization that will allow teens to reach those deeper levels of connetion by working together on hands-on projects, fostering true relationships and expanding their voices within the community.

Since inception, BIGSS has aimed to get teens off their screens and has focused on providing a venue for the youth to express their voices and ideas with one another. BIGSS events wants to foster new friendships while making an impact in our communities.

Thinking forward, everyone involved with BIGSS believes in strengthening our communities one person and one day at a time. Effective, lasting, and fruitful lives take time to cultivate. Our outreach program is here for the long-haul, serving the youth of New York and all those nearby in the best way we can.

Chloe Chen

Executive Director

My name is Chloe Chen. I am a senior at Dominican Academy High School in New York. My many academic interests include foreign languages, the performing arts, chemistry, and math. In my spare time, I enjoy working with younger kids, volunteering with local churches, and supporting other non-profit organization businesses. I formed BIGSS in hopes of encouraging NYC teens to become more physically active and create meaningful relationships with one another. I wanted to create a venue for them to come together and  discuss their diverse opinions and ideas, and to put those great ideas towards helping out their local communities through outreach programs and events. My goal is to share my experience of youth leadership, unity, commitment, and belonging in my local community and beyond.

The Beginning...

Jaylyn Padilla

Marketing Coordinator

My name is Jaylyn Padilla. I am a senior at NYC iSchool. I enjoy dancing, singing, fashion, drawing and long walks in the park. I come from a diverse background of African American, Asian and Hispanic and felt strongly about helping teens of different backgrounds come together as one.  I joined BIGSS in the fall of 2019 as a Marketing Coordinator and am responsible for the company's marketing and communication strategies. I also assist on planning a calendar events within our local commnity. 

     Natasha Raikhovski

Human Resources Officer

My name is Natasha Raikhovski and I am a senior at Dominican Academy High School in New York. Some of my academic interests include biology, mandarin, and calculus. Outside of school, I spend my time horseback riding and helping out at my barn. My experience volunteering at the barn had brought me to join BIGSS because I came to value the importance of service.  To me, BIGSS offers great opportunities to use our time more proactively and I hope to encourage other teenagers like us to dedicate their time together towards helping the local community.