Interested in being a mentor to PRE-K and elementary grade kids?

Virtual volunteers are needed! - Ongoing

Are you great at math? Do you love to read books and write stories on your napkin?  Do you enjoy spending time with children?

By volunteering as a Tutor and/or Mentor at BIGSS, you have the power to help open the door of possibilities at a critical point in young kids' lives.

At BIGSS, our goal is to aid in breaking generational cycles of poverty and ensure the educational success of all students. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on students, it is especially important this year to provide additional resources and mentorship to students in under-resourced school systems.

Since March 2020, we have transitioned our tutoring and mentoring programs to be completely online, using Zoom. As a mentor, you will be working with PRE-K- to elementary school aged kids of color in New York City and the surrounding areas. 

Please contact BIGSS for more information. We will work with your schedule!

First Sunday of every month - BIGSS Bike in Central Park

Since the pandemic, we have moved our indoors cycling event, that is usually hosted with CYC Fitness, to outdoors! Come meet us every first Sunday of every month! BIGSS hosts an outdoors cycling event starting at 10am. Please wear sunblock, and bring in plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. We meet at the Information Booth at the entrance of East 72nd and Central Park, weather permitting.